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Music Studios

We help people make incredible music

How We Can Help

Music studios have some of the most demanding piano needs of any venue. Last minute tunings, surprise repairs, and picky clients. I’ll help you make sure your clientele don’t think about the piano other than to marvel at its stability. We can work together to create a plan to ensure no client worries whether the piano is going to meet their recording needs

Don’t let your dissonant pianos stop your clients and students pursuing their dreams

Step 1
Schedule a time

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Step 2
We'll make a plan together

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Step 3
Get in harmony with you and your client's dreams

Schedule a time easily using my automated scheduling system, or reach out with specific questions through phone or email.

When I arrive or on the phone we'll discuss your studio's pianos particular needs and come up with a tailor-made plan to get your piano(s) back into shape.

Once your piano is back in great condition and sounding wonderful, you and your clients will have the freedom to create incredible music!

Standard Service Price


With a freshly serviced piano you and your clients will feel free to pursue their dreams and create inspirational music

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