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Hi, I'm Mark

My name is Mark Thurner, I have helped hundreds of people around the L.A. area make incredible music. When your artistic inspiration kicks into full swing, my work (like the work of all the great piano technicians out there) is on full display and allows you to dive deep into the enjoyment of your piano. I've had the privilege of working for wonderful clients from casual musicians to film studios, to music producers; and even incredible performers like Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend and other high profile clients in the Los Angeles area (certainly one of the perks of being in the city of dreams). I'm a member of the Piano Tuning Guild and regularly attend conventions & meetings.

My Background

In college, acoustics and science of sound fascinated me, so when I heard a friend attempting to tune a piano something clicked in my brain and I immediately fell in love with the craft. I have since serviced hundreds of pianos from Simi Valley all the way to Long Beach. I have also sought out mentorship and training from some of the best piano technicians in the country, of which we are lucky to have many in Los Angeles. I love piano technology and it thrills me to help people accomplish their musical dreams by empowering them to make incredible music on whatever piano they happen to own. (or find on craigslist!)


After years of playing the piano in high school, acting, and a stint as a professional acapella singer on Martha's Vineyard, I understand how it feels when your instrument (and the piano that supports you) becomes a limitation instead of an inspiration. I also understand what is possible when you remove these limitations and feel the momentum shift as you start achieving your dreams. Music has brought me on many amazing journeys. Working for you as a piano technician is no different. I have personally felt this transformation in my own life and I look forward to serving you in your pursuit of your inspiration. That is my goal and the reason why I feel so privileged to work in this trade, which transitioned to becoming my craft, which I am proud to call my profession. 


If there is anything I can do to personally serve your needs please reach out, I am a phone call away and booking an appointment is super easy.

Let's chase those dreams,

Mark Thurner - Founder

Harmony Piano Tuning

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