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We help people make incredible music

How We Can Help

Whether you just acquired a piano or you want to revive an old one we can work together to get your instrument in shape so you can get closer to making your musical dreams come true. I’ll examine your piano and let you know what you need to get it playing, as well as tell you anything that might help improve the experience. 

Don’t let a dissonant piano stop you or your child from pursuing their dreams

Step 1
Schedule a time

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Schedule a time easily using my automated scheduling system, or reach out with specific questions through phone or email.

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Step 2
We'll make a plan together

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Step 3
Get in harmony with your dreams

When I arrive or on the phone we'll discuss your piano's particular needs and come up with a tailor-made plan to get your piano back into shape.

Once your piano is back in great condition and sounding wonderful, you'll have the freedom to chase those piano dreams!

Standard Service Price


With a freshly serviced piano you can release yourself from frustration and enjoy the freedom to create in harmony! 

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