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We help people make incredible music

How We Can Help

Feel assured your parishioners or students will get the absolute best out of your pianos with my regular tuning service. We’ll go through all your pianos and make sure they are playing at 100% while scheduling regular tunings based on your budget and needs. Feel confident knowing that your pianos will always be giving 100% to anyone who sits down and plays, be it a rehearsal or a performance.

Don’t let your dissonant pianos stop your parishioners or students pursuing their dreams

Step 1
Schedule a time

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Schedule a time easily using my automated scheduling system, or reach out with specific questions through phone or email.

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Step 2
We'll make a plan together

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Step 3
Bring harmony to your institution

When I arrive or on the phone we'll discuss your institution's particular needs and come up with a tailor-made plan to get your piano(s) back in shape.

Once your piano is back in great condition and sounding wonderful, your institution will be elevated to the next level.

Standard Service Price


With a freshly serviced piano, your frustrated students or parishioners will be immersed in harmony, free to pursue their dreams.

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