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Professional Musicians

We help people make incredible music

How We Can Help

Professional pianists need an extra level of care and compassion brought to a tuning. Rest easy knowing I can have a high level discussion about keeping your piano in the best possible tune no matter where your piano is or how often you play it. We’ll work together to assess your piano and make sure that you’re getting what you need out of it at the level you expect.

Don’t let a dissonant piano stop you from achieving your dreams and playing at the highest level

Step 1
Schedule a time

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Schedule a time easily using my automated scheduling system, or reach out with specific questions through phone or email.

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Step 2
We'll make a plan together

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Step 3
Get in harmony with your dreams

When I arrive or on the phone we'll discuss your piano's particular needs and come up with a tailor-made plan to get your piano back into shape.

Once your piano is back in great condition and sounding wonderful, you'll have the freedom to play at the highest level!


Standard Service Price

With a freshly serviced piano, instead of getting lost in dissonance, you can focus on your work and accomplish your dreams

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