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Tuning & Service


Casual Use

For anyone with kids learning or who is just starting to play/plays infrequently but wants to take care of their piano.


For experienced musicians and pianists who need a reliable tuning service. Don't let your instrument hold you back from your dreams.


For schools and churches who need a seasonal service & monitoring of their many instruments. Reach out to figure out a package that works for you!

Film Studios

For anyone working on a film set who needs a tuner to make sure no time is wasted. I will help make sure the piano works great so you can focus on shooting amazing film.
For recording studios who need a reliable and timely tuning service, I can help. Let's make sure your clients can focus on creation, and not an out of tune piano.

Music Studios


Not Sure?

Don't fit in to any of these categories? Click here to get in touch and we can find a plan that works for your specific needs.
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